Cherishable Two!

This morning I discovered a novel side of my child(Sunny) who’ll turn two this 17th Nov. My neighbor had to leave urgently for some work. So she left her daughter(Gini), who turned two on 8th Nov, at my place. She is a sweet-heart. She straightaway went to the toy room and pulled out Sunny’s cycle. Sunny got very happy. Gini then took Sunny’s Buddy (Sunny’s favorite soft toy). In the meantime Sunny sat on his cycle. Gini came hurriedly towards him and pulled his shirt telling him to get down. I was just waiting to see Sunny’s reaction. My child smiled at her, got down and held the handle carefully so as to balance the cycle while Gini sits on it. This was not the end. He pushed the cycle slowly all the while and smiled, giving me sweet side glances. It’s 12:20in the afternoon. Gini is still enjoying the ride and my son is enjoying giving her friend a safe and comfortable ride.
I read in a book that this age is termed as “Terrible two”. But my son defies this making it “Cherishable two” for us. Sunny made us very happy with his arrival, and with his developments he is making us proud. God bless!


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