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“It’s Your Loss, Not Mine.”


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I’m thankful to the tough people in my life. Thankful to those who have hurt me to the core. Thankful to those who made me cry hard. Thankful to those who gifted me sleepless nights drenched in tears. Thankful to those who gave a hopeful flight to me only to crush it later. Thankful to those who didn’t trust me. Thankful to those who doubted my potential. Thankful to those who considered me as a liability. Thankful for the moments when my hard work and sincerity were mocked at. Thankful to those who took me for granted when I cared for them with all my heart. Thankful to those who ignored me when I needed them the most. Thankful to those who accused me of being pretentious when I loved them deeply.

It is because of you that I am what I am today. Had you not shown hatred to me I would have never loved the ones who need it with all my heart. Because I know the pain. I know how much it hurts when you are taken for granted and ignored by those you thought would stand by you.

It is because of you that I tread on the paths unforeseen to discover my hidden potentialities which otherwise would have died a silent death.

It is because of you that I am confident and contented with my own worth. It matters who wishes to stay and it would also matter if someone wants to walk away especially when that someone has been close to your heart.

I love everyone. I am wary of hurting anyone. I am a very good friend and I wish everyone well. If someone finds faults with it then I have just one thing to say, “It’s your loss, not mine.”

Beauty and the Beast

Related image Something very strange happened today in school. Beauty and the Beast’ is the story of the month for my class. So, I played the animation movie of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for my children on the smart board and started watching it. The characters of ‘Beauty’ and the ‘Beast’ transcended me to a magical world where I felt hypnotised. It was lunch time and the kids were merrily enjoying their meal as they watched the movie. There was pin-drop silence in the class. We were completely lost in the story. Suddenly, I heard a faint voice calling my name. The volume increased gradually and the final blow to this ecstatic feeling was given by my nanny who was literally banging at the half-opened door of my classroom just to gain my attention. And the spell was broken.

Love is enchanting. Magical. Beautiful. I had once read somewhere that love comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t know about that but, no matter what shape, size, age, looks, status, time or era it is… when love hits you… you feel no pain. It’s a trance. You get hurt, feel humiliated, hate yourself for being taken for granted innumerable times throughout the day throughout the year throughout your life. This is what is called life, right? It does cut like a knife. But if you have that one   last   strand   of love to hold on… you can walk  through the pain with a smile on your face. It’s the smile that’s stronger than the army of a thousand rivals. Love is the food for life so… love on…


A smile Goes A Mile…

It’s Sunday morning. Can’t say ‘a lazy one’ because I have my guitar classes on this day and I don’t mind the 2 hour long drive as those 40 minutes bring eternal peace to my mind and soul. On my way to the music school there’s a traffic signal from where I take a right turn. Why did I mention this signal? Reason number one- Every Sunday I am stuck in traffic light invariably. Reason number two- I see little kids in shabby clothes selling fresh roses and bouquets there. I see these kids begging people to buy their flowers, I see them being shouted at, I see them being shooed away like stray animals on road, I see them squabbling with their parents and siblings, I see them washing their faces with water in the peak of summer and getting slapped on that face that had just felt the balmy effect of cold water due to shortage of cold drinking water.

Amidst the hurricane of events I come in contact with these children and we connect. All we offer each other is the curve that straightens all crumpled matters… a smile. It’s quite strange that they came only once to me with a red rose that I bought instantly. Today also we smiled at each other. The little girl was knocking at the window panes and pleading each driver to buy her flowers. I had the urge to take her picture. The only reason was her contented smile. She was shy. Her mother said to her, “Go, get your picture clicked”. With wavering steps she advanced towards me. Suddenly, an 8 year old boy popped out of the blue right in front of my open window, hugged the girl and said, “Ma’am, take my picture with my sister.” I can’t explain in sheer words how I felt but I was in tears. I took their pictures, bought the pink flowers, bid them goodbye and started my car’s engine. I could see them waving at me till they could see me and vice versa.

I wept as I drove. They literally have nothing to look forward to. No food, no shelter, no clothes, no relations, no support, no help… they have nothing. And yet, they can afford to smile and even giggle and laugh. Why can’t we? We, the elite class, the educated lot, the so-called carriers of our culture and tradition, are the worst lot. We have everything. Then why do we find it so hard to draw that winning curve on our faces. We show off branded items that adorn our body. Why can’t we wear a smile that costs nothing?

I believe that the costliest brand in this mundane life is the ‘smile’. It’s beyond the reach of the selfish, the egoistic, the arrogant, in short, the hollow lot. It’s accessible to the simpletons who love from heart, who can see beauty in the littlest of things, who help without any ulterior motif, who are contented with what they have and to those who value relations.


Life’s just one , right? Also, it’s a battle, a struggle, a compromise. But for who? Who crosses your mind when you say ‘Life is a battle’? It’s those people, who have hurt us, have let us down, those who have made us feel inferior and tried to sabotage our existence into nothingness. In despondence we  question ourselves that all the while when we have been a good Samaritan to others why did they let us down by hurting us to the core tearing us apart into pieces that probably would fail to recoup. But do we really fail to  recoup? Do we give up? Should we allow people to have an upper-hand over us? NO. We don’t. Then whose fight is it anyway? The answer is simple. It’s yours. It has always been yours. Then who benefits from this struggle? It’s you. It has always been you.

Today, something happened and I was urged to admit by a friend that I am short-tempered and that I would work upon it in future. It came like a massive blow to my whole being as a human, as a mother, as a sister and most of all as a concerned friend. This was a shocking revelation not only to me but to the person who knows me the best in the whole wide world… my mother. It’s only a mother who knows her children best. And all I needed today was her certificate of assurance, her encouraging words of motivation and her unconditional love.

In this journey of life all I have perceived so far is that people misinterpret your silence and helpful nature as your weakness. And your opposition to something that’s actually not right as your flaw. The thing is, people have groomed them well enough with all kinds of negative terms to label you with. They will thrash you with their criticism, shred you ruthlessly and then blame it all on you. So, in this situation, what must you do? Succumb to the oppression? Grieve in pain? Accuse your fate? Repent for having undeserving friends? Torment yourself for being betrayed by those who promised to be your pillar of strength especially in times like this when you needed them the most? Dare you do that.

No one has the power to make you feel lowly and worthless without your permission. Cry as long as you want. Get angry on things around. Scream. Do whatever you want to in order to calm you down. And then my dear, as you wipe your tears, do realize one hard fact of life that you are actually all alone in this battle of life. No one cries or screams in pain with you. No one comes to rest a helping hand on your shoulder to say “Don’t worry… I’m there.” It never happens. All you have got to yourself is YOU. 

What you do next is your decision… make sure it’s a wise one.