Love ‘n’ Relationships!

Life is a mystery people say. For some time I was trying to figure out why. Couldn’t find a more suitable answer than the unpredictability of life. It’s swerving turns startle you. But on a brighter side, it makes you tough and prepares you fully loaded for the battle. And you come out victorious… though not always.

No Matter What!

Remember the day when your eyes got handcuffed with someone unknown? You blushed, your heart throbbed a thousand beats, you felt a chill, a shiver all over, unable to stand,unable to speak, unable to do anything except hovering your mind n body over the thoughts of that charm. Whole night you can’t sleep. But you enjoy that sleeplessness. You, eagerly, wait for the next occasion when you can meet that charm. Isn’t “love” enchanting no matter what?

What a lovely feeling love is. Love knows no boundaries. One can go to any extent for this love. Love gives tremendous confidence as you know your lover/beloved will always be there no matter what.

So what  goes wrong after few months of relationship? Where does all passion and commitment go? Why does one feels lonely? You seem to be angry on every one and everything around you.  You start becoming a loner no matter what.

Nilanjana CG



I Found My Valentine!

It was June. My aunt called up to discuss about a prospective alliance for me. From my confinement I overheard my mother replying in a choked voice ” I don’t think she will ever get married as one can’t even look at her face.She’s badly struck with disastrous chicken pox “. My mother started crying over the phone. I needed to take a decision whether to meet the guy or not. In the evening, after making up my mind I told my mother that I wish to meet him. My mother was shocked. I said “I want to see whether he goes by looks or by me, me as what I am n how I am”.

It was 22nd June. My aunt tried her best to hide the deep black ugly lesions by applying concealer n heavy make-up. Just before stepping out of the house I ran to the wash-room and cleaned my face with clean face wash, wiped it and came to the car.I wanted to be my ‘self’. My mom n aunt were infuriated.But as we were late nothing could be done. We reached the venue. He was the first guy I would meet. I never had any boy friends. My friends used to tease me on Valentines day as they would always be loaded with gifts n cards on that day.

He came. Our parents asked us to go to the lawn and talk. Both of us were nervous. My heart was pounding at great speed n my fingers n legs were shivering. Finally I broke the silence n said ” Mm, I have scars all over so…” He cut my words, came closer, looked deep into my eyes n said ” I don’t see any scars “. I cannot describe the feeling then. No one had ever looked at me the way he did… so full of passion. My heart missed a beat. Gathering myself I said ” You are a prospective alliance. You can find someone equally good for you. I won’t mind if …” At this, he cut my words once again n this time with authority n said ” Shut up”. These might seem the most unromantic two words for the world. But for me, those are still the most romantic, passionate words for me. That day I FOUND MY VALENTINE. God had chosen him for me. And He showered His utmost blessings on both of us on Valentine’s Day… the momentous day when we tied our knots.

This is the seventh year of togetherness n I still feel the shiver down my spine when I think of our first meet. Every couple has differences. Even we have. But true love compensates for everything.

” I’ve found someone who isn’t afraid to admit that he miss me. Someone who knows that I’m not perfect still admires me. Someone whose biggest fear is losing me. One who gives his heart completely. Someone who says I love you and means it. Last but not the least, I’ve found someone I wouldn’t mind waking up with me in the morning, seeing my wrinkles and my gray hair but still fall in love with me all over again.”

I pray all of you find your true love.I shared this story with you all coz I felt like doing it from my heart for all you lovers out there. And no occasion could have been better than this…. our 7th Anniversary on 14th Feb 2011.

By Nilanjana CG


The Sacrifice in Love!

It was summers. Exam fever was on. But for two friends it was something different. They were about to enter the maze called ‘love’.

The phone bell rings. It was him. She receives the call and says “Hello” in her typically sweet low voice. None of them at that hour knew that this phone was going to ruin their fond friendship forever.

They start talking. The boy asks her to guess whom does he ‘like’? The answer was known as he was already going steady with her best friend. He asks her the same question again, and this time he starts giving hints to her like the first letter of the name, the place etc. All of a sudden, the girl feels a shiver down her spine. She had found the answer. It was her … not her best friend whom he loved.

She was puzzled. After all, this was something she had hoped for years. But she didn’t know it will come like this. In a few seconds she was stormed by endless questions in her mind and heart …What will my parents say? Will they approve of this relation? How can I do this to my best friend? She loves him so much. How can I do this when it was me who brought them close to each other? … And suddenly, in a shaken, fearful voice she declared – It’s never possible. “But why? Why is it not possible?” The boy asked her deliberately. She hung the phone. The coy girl said ”No” when her heart said “Yes.”

She was scared, full of emotions, angry, helpless, choked and completely disoriented. She runs on to the terrace with her books and notebooks. She didn’t feel the heat of the sun in broad day afternoon. All she wanted was to avoid his phone call. She couldn’t study at all. Thankfully, she had a few days to prepare for the exams.

In the evening she came down. As soon as she opened the door, her mother smiled at her and informed that her friend, the boy, had called up. Avoiding any further discussion she went to her room.

The phone bell rings. Her mother informs “It’s for you…It must be him”. Confused, she receives the call. It was him indeed. Without listening to anything she just told “Never ever call me again. Our friendship is over.”

End of the story? No. There was something more painful waiting for her to unfold.

She goes to her aunt’s house after the exams. There, one day she gets a call… this time, it was her cousin. She was delighted. But her excitement went down the drains soon when she came to know that the boy has spread rumor against her that it was her who had actually proposed to him which he had rejected instantly.

This time she was in tears. She groaned in pain and cried her hearts out. She had never in her worst of nightmares imagined that he would do such a terrible thing to her. How could he do this when he loved her?

She returns. Joins her regular classes. Avoids her friends because of the rumor spread against her. She actually felt their suspicious glances at her. It was truly terrible.

The two childhood friends no longer talked to each other. She avoided him in markets, parties or in any gatherings.

She gets another tumultuous  jolt of her life when she comes to know that her best friend, the girl, was going steady with some other guy in real and was planning for a very long time to say ‘No’ to her boyfriend, the boy….

If only she knew about this fact earlier she wouldn’t have said “No” to the one she had loved so deeply since childhood. And both the boy and the girl  would have had a different story to tell.

So many years have passed since that event. She feels so helpless when she thinks of that day.

Her heart still aches for that love which she did not return but sacrificed for that which never existed.

Nilanjana CG




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