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Deciding Their Names

Moms must have heard or even read the book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’. Well, I haven’t read it. Not yet.  But, both the times while expecting, I expected to find a good, stylish and unique name for my kids. Finding such names for boys was such a tedious task that I didn’t want to have a boy child. I searched for names that start with an ‘R‘. Why? The name of my father-in-law starts with that letter. My mom-in-law named both her sons Rahul and Rupak because she wanted it that way. She hoped that her daughters-in-law would not break the family chain of names starting with ‘R‘. So, I decided to respect her feelings; hence Raayon and Raynaa.

Raayon : 17th Nov 2008

My son, Sunny, now 4 years old, goes to LKG.

I was so worried on his birth as I could not find a name that would suffice my wish. Then my eldest aunt called me up from Kolkata (West Bengal) to congratulate me. She said “I was trying to find a name for your son that would have both ‘R’ (of Rahul) and ‘N’ (that’s the letter my name starts with). I found it. It’s ‘R A A Y O N’. How’s it?”

Wow!, I mean there couldn’t be a better name so far. All my pain caused by a c-section vanished in thin air. I was eager to know the meaning. She said ” . It’s a Bengali name. Benevolent kings who loved and cared for their subject were given this title.” I liked and locked the name for my son. My father suggested the spelling RAAYON so that people pronounce it the way it should be. Nick of the moment a man came in with the Birth Certificate form. Victoriously we filled up the form without any cloud of doubt on my mind. What a relief it was! God bless you my baby!!!

RAYNAA :3rd July 2012

My daughter, 8 months old, keeps me on my toes.

This time I was well prepared. Thanks to Google. A lot of research went into deciding her name. The criteria were –

  • The ‘R’ factor.
  • There should be an ‘N’ too.
  • Raayon means king so my daughter’s name had to be queenly.
  • There shouldn’t be any bold sound of any consonant other than ‘R’ and ‘N’.

Finding a perfect name for my daughter became an obsession. I spent sleepless nights thinking on this matter. My daughter should never feel that I was partial. Kids are very emotional. Even a teeny-weeny name-issue has the potential to hurt their sentiments. So finally, after spending hours in front of my computer screen, without blinking I guess for the fear of missing ‘the’ name, I came across this beautiful name ‘REYNA’(Spanish word for Queen) and ‘RAYNA’ (Russian and Latin word for Queen). Eureka!!!

I preferred the one which starts with R A Y … because my son’s name starts with the same letters. Also,since Raayon has 6 letters I modified the spelling and added another ‘A’ to it. So now it is ‘R A Y N A A’. Their father loved it too.

Most importantly I was happy that both my kids have names that complement each other. Raayon and Raynaa. It also has a little part of their parents into it “R and N”. Love you guys!!! God bless!!!

From Mom To You.

Today You Turned 5 My Baby, 17th Nov.2013

Today You Turned 5 My Baby, 17th Nov.2013.

Happy Children’s Day!

A child means world to the parents. Parents do so much for their kids. Sleepless nights, empty stomach, backaches, headaches are all overpowered by love, warmth and gentle care. And when these kids grow up and act like a wisenheimer, the parents’ hearts crush to smithereens. I comprehend this feeling after becoming a mother myself. Today, when my parents called up to wish a Happy Children’s Day to me, I couldn’t hold back my tears. I, instantly, apologized to them for all my mistakes so far, no matter how big or small. I wept like a small child over the phone as I can’t reach them staying miles away from them. We meet once a year. My parents, however, allayed my guilt assuring me that it was okay. They ‘love’ me no matter what.
Dear kids , love your parents wholeheartedly. You ‘ll not get a second chance once you grow up and become a part of this maddening competitive world. Happy Children’s Day!

Blame it on Upbringing!

According to my personal scrutiny, it’s all about ‘Parvarish’ (Upbringing). If a child’s foundation is laid on moral and spiritual aspects and s/he grows up in an all-loving-and-caring environment, s/he will never go astray. Research has proven the fact that ‘all aspects of a man’s life – his character, sense of responsibility, good and bad habits, ability to cope with difficulties, and his piety – are shaped primarily during his childhood. The bright memories of his childhood can strengthen and warm a man during trying times, and, contrarily, those who have not had a happy childhood can in no way remake it.’
A child is a fine amalgamation of both good and bad inclinations. Parents have to guide their kids with patience and love on how to endeavor against negative influences.
In today’s scenario where both the parents are working to draw the wheels of family, parents must bear in mind the following points:

1. Educate yourself. Read journals and articles relating to your child’s age. Search for what child psychology experts have to say about your child’s developments.
2. Be approachable. Let your child be confident about your unfaltering love and support in testing times. Be your child’s best friend. So that he doesn’t go out in order to seek solace.
3. Induce goodness galore. It might sound like an effortless job. But believe me, it’s not. Your child is but a mirror image of what you are.
4. Be humble. These days all are brand conscious. So I cannot really quote “Simple living” here. But surely though “High thinking” plays an  essential role here.
5. Quality time. Give your kids quality time. The hours do not count. It’s the pleasure of your company that is of utmost importance to your kids.
Shun TV and computer games completely when you are with your kids.
6. Share your Childhood. Share interesting incidents of your childhood with your kids. Share your weaknesses as well. Let them know that no one is
perfect. In order to motivate your kids cook up stories and enjoy their laughter and angelic smiles.
7. Mother nature. Go to parks. Just take a stroll. Talk about nature-trees, birds, sky, sun, moon. Do not bring in school or home or any other topic related to day-to-day life.
8. Give space. Teenage is the most sensitive of all the phases of life. Children feel they are now adults and have the authority to make a menace of their life. Don’t worry. This is a passing phase. Your child is stepping into adulthood. Treat him like one.
9. Trust. Trust your kids. Do not underestimate them. It won’t take much time for them to revolt if they smell a bit of mistrust or lack of faith in them in your behavior. Involve them. Take his advice on every matter, no matter how big or small it is. So what if you need his suggestion on the color of the towel you wish to buy. 10. Love selflessly. This doesn’t mean making your kid a spoil brat. They must be shown their boundaries beyond which they cannot go. Love has a mammoth power to conquer all. It can do wonders.
11. Slip into his Shoes. In order to find a solution to any problem, put yourself in his place and try to understand his problem.
12. Respect. Self respect plays a vital role in a child’s life who’s is growing. Discuss any objectionable behavior of your child in private and with him. Do not ever insult him publicly. Believe me, these incidents leave such deep-seated impressions on their mind and soul that is just enough to blow off all your expectations.
I am not an expert in this regard. The above mentioned points are an outcome of my personal experiences and observations. My motif is just to help parents love and understand their children wholeheartedly as well as to provide a guidance to them so that our children get right kind of ambiance for their growth and development. Hoping the best for our kids. All the best.