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It’s afternoon, lunch time for most of us in all over the world. I decided to call up to my father and wish him a very Happy Father’s Day. Then my husband, Rahul, wished the same to my father. The call ended with love and laughter. With the mobile still in his hands I told him to call up to his father today. He replied “My father won’t understand these things. We’ve never had this culture of wishing Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to our parents”. I took the mobile from his hands and dialed his father’s number. Of course my mom-in-law(Mumma) answered the call. I told her my purpose of this call. She was overjoyed and said “It’s our good luck that our daughter-in-law values such celebrations. I’ll just give it to your Papa(I call him Papa)”.

My father-in-law is an octogenarian who cannot see or hear properly. Once he used to be one of the best  managers in Steel Plant. He sacrificed his desires and likes for his sons. Now the elder one is an ENT specialist and the younger one, my husband, is an engineer. I wished him a Happy Father’s Day. He replied”OK Ok”. I knew that he barely heard what I said to him. Then, in a loud voice, I said “Your son wants to speak with you”. He didn’t say anything. He just waited to hear the voice of his child, now a grown up man touching 40. Rahul took the mobile with much reluctance and finally said those words “Happy Father’s Day”. Rahul was blushing. I don’t know what his father said to him in reply but I do know that these three words made a father’s day. I was happy and at peace

Mumma was filled with guilt as she never imbibed the importance of these days in her children. I told her that in those days the culture was different. So she needn’t feel bad for anything. My words did help her pained heart.

What touched me more today was what Mumma told me about the poor old mason who is doing the repair work at her place with his 20-year-old son.The mason came to work on time. But his son didn’t. The mason seemed quite annoyed. There was a lot of work to be done. He was worried too because it was pouring heavily outside.Terrifying thundering and lightening added up to this old man’s fear.

Finally, his son, all drenched, shows up. This old mason was thoroughly miffed, perturbed and weary by now. He bombarded his son with hell lot of questions -“What took you so long?” “Where have you been?” “Where is your sense of responsibility?”

The son, in his artless way, replied ” I went to buy a pair of trousers for you, father.”