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Fall in Love!

Hello World! How have you been? Great, I believe. If not,  well life is not a bed of roses. Rewards n people may come n go. What stays with you is  your own dear ‘ self  ‘. Now the question is, what would you like to do with this ‘ self ‘ of yours? Upgrade. Yes that is the mantra. Upgrade yourself in whichever way you can. Feel fresh, eat healthy, sleep well. If you complain of sleeplessness, don’t worry. You may not get sleep for few days. But after those few days you’ll surely sleep as you have never slept before. Life is full of hassles n hurdles. But you need to find time for this ‘ self ‘ of yours n pamper it   as much as you can. Coz it is this ‘ self ‘ that makes you what you are. Fall in love with your ‘ self ‘ n soon d ‘ self ‘ will fall in love with you.

Now, take a break n have a nice cup of your favorite  beverage. Promise to see u soon !